Current Clinical Trials

Our current clinical trials explore new, as well as existing, medical therapies which will improve glucose control in people with Diabetes.

All study-related care, diabetes education and medications are provided at no charge. Medical insurance is not neccessary for study participation.

The average duration of a clinical trial is 6-12 months.

The benefits of participation in a clinical trial include intensive management of your Diabetes; access to the most recent advances in investigational therapy; close, personalized follow-up by a board-certified endocrinologist; and the opportunity to help in the development of improved therapies for the management of Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes

We are have participated in many interesting studies designed to evaluate new treatment options for people with Type 1 Diabetes treated with injections as well as those treated with insulin pumps.

Oral and injectable investigational medications are being studied at our center.

All Type 1 studies are currently enrolled.

If you're interested in discussing future trial opportunities, please call our office at 301-770-7373 for further information. Ask for someone from the Study Staff.

Type 2 Diabetes

There are currently multiple ongoing clinical trials at our research center actively enrolling subjects with Type 2 Diabetes.

Trials will evaluate people with Type 2 Diabetes who are currently treated with pills or insulin.

Several trials include investigational treatments which, in addition to improving sugar control, are associated with weight loss.

We're excited about the opportunities for improved glucose control that each of these trials offer to people with diabetes.

Please call us to review trials at 301-770-7373.

Overweight or Obese?

Recruitment for a study investigating the efficacy and safety of a once daily oral product in people with obesity or overweight with weight-related comorbidities will begin recruitment in May 2023.

Please call our office at 301-770-7373 to discuss with Dr Dempsey, our Research Director.